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A lot has been written about Facebook and their use of user's personal data over the past few months. But do Australians really understand what this means? Despite the publicity, over 90% of Australians are either ‘not sure’ or only ‘somewhat understand’ how several leading apps use and/or share their data.

Facebook personal data

According to Roy Morgan Research, whilst many feel that big brother might be watching them, 94.6% of Australians using Apple apps are either ‘not sure’ or only ‘somewhat understand’ how Apple uses or shares their personal data – higher than any other specific brand mentioned in the survey. Following closely behind are leading social networks including Twitter (94.3% of Twitter users), Instagram (94.0% of Instagram users), Snapchat (93.7% of Snapchat users), Messenger (92.8% of Messenger users), Google (91.9% of Google users) and Facebook (90.9% of Facebook users).

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