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Our resources, blog and "The More you Know"; and our podcast and Pending Approval news, serve as a dynamic window into the realm of advertising, performance marketing and media, offering insightful analysis of the latest innovative strategies. We explore the trends that are driving marketing and advertising evolution. Topics like: predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), digital transformation in advertising, online video and audio, the social media landscape, search engine marketing (SEM), big data, political advertising, the fundraising sector.

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Our articles, newsletters and podcast highlight these topics. Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI): This discussion will explore the impact of cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies on the landscape of digital marketing. Digital Transformation: Through real-world examples, we'll examine how marketing spearheads the digital transformation within companies, highlighting the challenges that arise in the process. Notably, many digitisation initiatives originate from online advertising platforms. Online Video and Audio: Consumer behaviors are shifting in Australia and globally, favoring digital platforms over traditional ones. Learn how your company can best take advantage of the power of digital marketing. The Social Network Universe: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer myriad opportunities for business promotion, fostering brand engagement and serving as effective performance channels. Search Engine Marketing: We'll explore crucial aspects like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Mobile Optimization (SMO), and App Store Optimization (ASO), essential for enhancing web and app visibility and driving traffic. Martech and Data Science: From fundamental concepts like data types and quality information collection to advanced topics such as building data lakes and implementing machine learning and Big Data, we'll delve into the intersection of marketing technology and data science. Political Advertising: As voting habits evolve due to shifting behaviors and beliefs, it becomes increasingly crucial to select the right channels and optimise the voter experience across all touchpoints. The Fundraising Sector: Evolving donor behaviors, influenced by new trends and values, emphasise the necessity of selecting suitable performance marketing channels and enhancing the donor experience across all interactions.

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