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Advertising from the Inside Out

Pending Approval is a podcast that talks about advertising, media, industry trends and anything else that strategist, Jack Geraghty and host, Glenda Wynyard, want to talk about.

Bonus content for fans and followers. Each episode is accompanied by the ultimate topic takeaway: the Fast Five.

Meet the Team

Jack Geraghty
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As a strategist with experience in both media and creative, Jack brings a fresh perspective on the industry, with views on either side of the advertising fence.

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Brutally honest and wickedly funny, Managing Director, Glenda ("GW") boasts a wealth of experience in the advertising world and isn't afraid to tell it how it is. 

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Pending Approval Podcast

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From Media to Creative, from 'CTR' to 'ROAS' - advertising today can feel more complicated than ever before. Join hosts Glenda Wynyard and Jack Geraghty as they take a conversational plunge into the deep waters of the communications industry. 

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