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Whether you want to join us at The Media Precinct or Resolve, our full-service creative agency our team is all about making things happen. We're comprised of experts in media strategy, data analysis, market research, design, creative and more. So, excuse us while we toot our own horn.  

We're a full-service agency that knows people like the back of our hands. Our values are solid: integrity, passion, respect, open-mindedness, and dedication. We serve a diverse range of clients, from not-for-profits (including fundraising) to health, politics, B2B, eCommerce, tourism, food, youth, and disruption sectors. You could say we have our fingers in many a pie. 


Join us, and you'll see why The Media Precinct is the place to be.


The Media Precinct is a certified

Great Place to Work

A whopping 97% of our team members feel the warmth and welcome from day one. Trust, collaboration, and positive vibes are the name of the game here. 

Current Vacancies

“Working here is a fulfilling and exciting experience! The company's commitment to providing growth opportunities has allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge and consistently engage in professional development."

- Liam

Who we are

We're all about high-performance teams who are passionate about the work they do and creating a dynamic and kick-arse workplace. Here, you'll have a chance to grow, develop and nurture skills – old and new - in our world of being an independent media and creative agency. Plus, we're proud to be an equal-opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. So, if you're Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, we're especially keen to have you on board. .

Now, let’s talk perks

Yes, we have a fruit bowl and a fully stocked bar bridge. But snacks and beer do not a perk-filled office culture make. (They do help on a Friday afternoon, though). 

We offer a dynamic, flexible, and high-energy work environment that rewards hard work and success. Our home base is the heritage Stonemason's Building in Chippendale, a place where creativity thrives. Our industry-leading leave policies include birthday leave and mental health leave, and we offer a staff bonus scheme too.  

We're all about inclusivity and collaboration and offer hybrid in-office/remote working and a dedicated career development program to help you reach your full potential. 

So, take a look at our job openings and let us know if anything tickles your fancy. 

And, what’s behind curtain #7?... This is our plea to appease the SEO gods. It helps people (like you), find us on the interwebs, and now that you’re here, it must be working. No need to read this hidden gem, but if you’re not averse to a shameless plug and want to know why we’re pretty swell, keep on reading. Why? Because A curated treasure trove of communications industry insights, knowledge and career development is waiting for you right here. At The Crux.. Our essence revolves around insights and an unquenchable thirst for discovery. Our team of wizards, wordsmiths, and industry professionals is committed to guiding our clients through the ever-evolving landscape of the communications industry. Whether your need lies in content marketing, fundraising strategy, digital media, or enhancing website analytics, you bring the vision, and we bring the expertise. Work With An Expert Advertising and Media Agency Leadership is the keystone to success, and here at The Media Precinct, we take pride in having a dynamic and visionary team steering the ship. Glenda Wynyard, our fearless leader has immersed herself in this industry for eons; her expertise cascades through our media, content, creative, digital, and accounts departments, forming a united front of professionals ready to tackle any challenge. Do The Damn (Good) Thing With Us That feeling of doing stuff is always satisfying. But doing good stuff? That’s a whole other ballgame. We do good stuff. We don’t only mean the work itself or the clients we work with. We mean the good stuff, the meaningful contributions, we make to better our world. Our not-for-profit marketing and fundraising services are tailor-made to support organisations dedicated to making our planet a better place. We also take part in office fundraisers and activities to help and build the many unique and beautiful communities our team is proudly comprised of. So, our culture is pretty good too. Your Sydney Creative Agency for All Things Advertising and Media At The `media Precinct, you’ve got options. From performance marketing to media buying. PPC services to brand advertising. Content marketing to social media. Be a part of influencer marketing or market research. Flex your digital marketing muscles in our digital marketing team. Put your voice to work with our podcast advertising. Or do some damn good stuff with our fundraising and not-for-profit clients. Let's team up and do some good work together. Also, about that SEO did we do?

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