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About us.

At our core, we are fueled by insights, and driven by discovery.

Our Story

We are a full service media and content agency, with media and creative working seamlessly under one roof. We use data to bring genuine learning and actionable insights to the table.

Founded in 2012, we opened our doors as a media planning and buying agency with three staff, working out of a converted townhouse in the heart of Sydney. From the beginning we believed in shared missions and relevance, and at the core of our service was a deep understanding of humans, driven through our passion for research, data and technology. 

We are now a 50-strong team that has a balance of youth and experience and we pride ourselves on the fact that gender and cultural diversity runs through our DNA. We are female owned and are proud to be an Australian independent. We have an active Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), working together towards reconciliation.

We are a member of the Mission Group, a powerful collective of over 20 agencies across 28 locations, in 3 continents. The Mission Group of agencies are a rich and varied mix of talented thinkers and doers, highly skilled at delivering hugely successful campaigns, covering all disciplines and supported by centrally-delivered services that enhance the client experience.

We are a member of the Media Federation of Australia, an important industry body and network of media professionals in Australia, that provides support, learning and development for our staff. 


Our partnerships and certifications:



Leadership Team

Glenda Wynyard
Lynette Loh
Jack Geraghty

Our Values

  • Endlessly Curious – We  ask a lot of questions, which helps us to stay relevant and aligned with our clients and we are always analysing what we do and how we can support our clients.  

  • Socially Conscious – We are a passionate bunch of people and we work with many clients in Not For Profit and cause-driven organisations that genuinely seek to affect positive behavioural change.


  • Great Storytellers – We love great stories and we love telling great stories through media and content.  


  • Insightful Challengers – We use research, data and insight to inform everything we do and we have very inquiring minds. 

  • Naturally Responsive – In our clients’ own words, we become a true extension of their teams. We always seek to nurture and grow this trust in our people, skillsets and our ability to deliver .


Working together towards Reconciliation

If you couldn’t tell by the other 4 curtains, we’re trying really hard to appease the SEO gods. Why? It helps people (like you), find us on the interwebs. No need to read this hidden gem, but if you’re not averse to a shameless plug and want to know why we’re pretty swell, keep on reading. Full-Service Agency. Redefining Results. Welcome to The Media Precinct, where creativity meets strategy, and human truths drive audience engagement. We’re excited you’ve chosen to give this a read and gain a glimpse into our world as a Sydney creative agency specialising in all things media, advertising and digital marketing. At our core, we're fuelled by insights and driven by discovery. Our wizards, wordsmiths and industry professionals are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the ever-evolving waters of the communications industry. Whether it’s content marketing or fundraising strategy, digital media or improving your website analytics, you bring the [xx], we bring the expertise. Expert Advertising and Media Agency Leadership is paramount in any venture, and here at The Media Precinct, we're proud to have a dynamic and visionary team at the helm. Glenda Wynyard has been living, breathing, and eating this industry for a million years (her words, not ours – we like our jobs), making her an indisputable expert in the field. Naturally, this genius trickles down into our media, content, creative, digital and accounts departments – bringing together a unified band of professionals who are all systems go. We Do Good Stuff Doing good stuff feels good. We don’t only mean the work we produce and the clients we work with (but that stuff is pretty darn good, too). We’re also talking about the good stuff we can do to make a positive difference in the world. Our not-for-profit marketing and fundraising services are designed and dedicated to supporting organisations that want to make this inhabited plane on which we live a better place. How good?! Our Service Arsenal You know the all-inclusive holiday at that swanky beach resort you’ve always wanted to go to? The one where there are various restaurants, outings, pools, bars, water sports, or even sport sports (and more) to choose from - all under the one roof. Well, that’s like The Media Precinct…only with extended happy hours and less sand. We can help you with: Performance marketing. Media buying. PPC services. Brand advertising. Content marketing. Social media. Influencer Marketing. Market research. Digital marketing. Podcast advertising. Not-for-profit marketing. YouTube Marketing. Google AdWords strategy. B2B marketing. Creative development. And more. See? We've got you covered. Well, that’s all from us - just from an SEO boost attempt, that is – but we should totally team up and do some good stuff together. Let’s chat.

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