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Are you using the right mobile metrics?

It is without doubt that mobile advertising's click through rates are unreliable as the majority of clicks are accidental. Standardised viewability thresholds are controversial as different contexts such as a Facebook newsfeed may differ from others in effectiveness of exposure. The largest digital publishers are moving towards using daily reach as opposed to monthly reach in order to compete with television advertising buying.

Mobile advertising

Mobile is highly effective at target reach efficiency, particularly among the 18-34-year-old demographic, when compared to desktop. Cross-platform campaigns that devoted more than 10 percent of their impressions to mobile increased their target reach by more than 10 percentage points versus television alone. The use of consistent metrics will lead to effective utilization of mobile in cross-platform campaigns.

Relevant Mobile Measures Change the Cross-Platform Advertising Equation

The fact is that the right mobile metrics are within advertisers’ grasp, but the wrong ones often are consulted. As a result, advertisers often underestimate the benefits of this medium. Despite its small screen, mobile meets many of the most pressing needs of brand marketers—high reach, strong engagement, exceptional targeting, proven effectiveness, and efficiency in delivering against campaign key performance indicators.

Mobile is an extraordinary branding vehicle if used properly in the cross-platform context. It offers both scale and efficiency in reaching mass audiences and has proven itself to be an effective medium. In the context of cross-platform advertising, mobile is the key to efficient allocation of media to maximize target reach. Most advertisers, however, still have not come close to leveraging its full potential.

The key to reaching that potential is in the use of consistent metrics. Advertisers only will be able to measure their advertising outcomes accurately according to metrics that matter, rather than merely the ones that are most available. Mobile click-throughs long have worn out their welcome and should be replaced with consistent measurement of mobile branding and sales-lift effectiveness. Mobile viewability ought to be anchored to whatever minimum view time drives meaningful lifts in brand metrics, rather than to any previous standards for digital advertising on desktop. And, monthly audience numbers should be supplemented with daily audience numbers to improve comparability with television on the ability to deliver reach efficiently.

About the Media Precinct

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Source: WARC

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