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What it means to be a Great Place to Work

Written by Gemma Harris

I had a sneaky suspicion that The Media Precinct (TMP) was a wonderful place to work. There is something special about the culture, which Glenda Wynyard, our Managing Director believes is key in fostering a happy workplace.

As the People and Culture Lead, I had to further investigate this. In June, we invited our employees to take part in the Great Place To Work survey - an anonymous, online feedback system where you can find out how your culture stacks up and get recognised for the great workplace you and your team have built together. Since completing the survey, TMP has officially been certified as a Great Place To Work! This recognition solidifies our commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture.

Employees are our most valuable assets

We value employees' diverse backgrounds, talents, contributions, and strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. Participating in the Great Place To Work survey was a natural choice for us, as it offered an opportunity to assess and improve our workplace culture and gain valuable insights into our employees' experiences.

94% of our employees agreed the Media Precinct is a Great Place to Work

These numbers reflect the trust, collaboration, and positive relationships that thrive within our organisation.

A few key statements that we proudly achieved 100% for are:

  • "People here are treated fairly regardless of their race"

  • "People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender"

  • "Management is competent at running the business"

  • "Management hires people who fit in well here"

What does this mean for The Media Precinct?

This certification reinforces our position as an employer of choice, opening doors to exceptional candidates who are passionate about our industry and values.

Prospective employees will also recognise The Media Precinct as a workplace where they can grow, thrive, and be treated fairly, regardless of their race or gender. For our clients, this certification serves as an assurance of the exceptional service and commitment they can expect from our team.

Being certified as a Great Place To Work is a significant milestone for The Media Precinct. It showcases our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive, supportive, and high-performing workplace culture. We will continue to listen, learn, and adapt to ensure that our employees' voices are heard so they have the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Gemma Harris is the People and Culture Lead at The Media Precinct


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