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What has mental health got to do with Advertising

You may have heard about the Mentally-Healthy Minimum Standards that have been created for our industry.

In 2018, a study into the mental health of our industry was conducted. You may have taken the survey yourself. The results quantified the state of mental health amongst people like us across marketing, media and creative businesses. More than 55% of respondents showed signs of mild to severe anxiety and depression.

The Media Precinct is committed to helping reduce these statistics and we support one of the initiatives that have been launched in response – The Mentally-Healthy Minimum Standards.

The Standards are a voluntary opt-in initiative, and one that we are proud to support.

They address a number of rights at work that we’re also happy to clarify, promote and make a commitment to. As the name suggests, these standards are the absolute minimum that we’re committing to.


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