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Glenda Wynyard to join Indie Forum

Media Precinct's Managing Director, Glenda Wynyard, is to join a panel of global independent media agency leaders at the TheNetworkOne's The Indie Forum this week.

With MediaCom recently announcing its plans to re-unit media, data and creative in one unit, the panel will be asked to discuss how the independent media agency of tomorrow can create a significant point-of-difference when pitching for new clients and, seeking to attract new talent.

Is a boutique approach enough? Will indie media agencies of the future need a ‘creative department’? Can new technology level the playing field?

Left to right…

Larry Cohen, SVP Customer Success & Data Strategy, Nabler, USA, India & Singapore

John Marraffino, Owner VMC Media, Canada

Glenda Wynyard, Managing Director, The Media Precinct, Australia

Martin Albrecht, CEO, CROSSMEDIA Worldwide

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