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Climate change needs action

As a behavioural change agency, Media Precinct has become experts at championing change and one thing we and other like minded independent agencies from around the world all agree on is that climate change needs to happen quickly.

Collectively we have joined forces as part of thenetworkone Sustainable Development Group to release a number of thought-provoking essays covering change from within our own agency through to understanding customer perceptions.

This week we are fortunate to be able to share three new essay contributions:

Amanda Powell-Smith, CEO of Forster Communications, says that 2019 was a turning point for recognition of the climate emergency, that the Covid-19 pandemic has driven home both the devastating consequences of inequality and the positive difference that can be made when business leaders step forward. Amanda’s essay can be found here:

Jane McDaid, Founder & Head of Creative Innovation, THINKHOUSE informs us that just 10% of marketers claimed to be ‘well advanced’ in their sustainability. And that as an industry that ironically prides itself on its progressive thinking and cultural prowess, we have a lot of catching up to do. She is right. Jane’s commentary can be found here:

Emma Craigie, Head of Content & Media, The Ad Plain Suggests that sustainability means different things to different people and businesses. And at the heart of sustainable intent is meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. It’s not just about the environment and natural resources, but also sustainability encompasses social and economic impact. Emma’s observations can be found here:

Three very different agencies with three different approaches and well worth spending your time reading their perspectives.


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