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Who is on social media

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In just 20 years social media has risen from a fringe online alternative to catching up to an omnipotent force inextricably woven into our daily lives. We explore the rise and rise of social media consumption and how it has evolved with the growing dominance of mobile devices, compare the numerous social platforms and how brand owners are deploying them to engage consumers.

  • Top social media platforms in Australia 2024 - Who's on what platform and why

  • Younger demographics are gravitating towards platforms perceived as more trendy, private, or focused on visual content

  • AI is influencing the way Australians consume social media, enhancing predictive modelling and ad optimisation for marketers

Are you looking to optimise your social media advertising? We can help. Find out about our community management, media, market research and creative services. Get in touch to find out more.

April 2024

Who is on social media?

Who is on social media


Advertising, Niche markets, Whitepaper, Marketing, Industry Trends

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