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Who's eating plant-based food

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Niche Audiences


As more consumers reduce their meat and dairy intake and seek out plant-based alternatives, the onus is on marketers to adapt their strategies to reach them. This means creating content that resonates with various demographic groups by tapping into the motivations behind their food choices, and distributing it on channels where they’re most actively engaged.

Who are these consumers eager to change their food habits?

Bespoke research for one of our clients reveals that 16% of Australians adhere to ‘free-from’ lifestyles (pescatarian, vegan or vegetarian), while 29% indicate that they are active meat and dairy reducers – also known as ‘flexitarians’. 

Learn more about this niche market, and what drives them.

Do you need help reaching the plant-based food market? We can help. Find out about our market research and media strategy services. Get in touch to find out more.

July 2023

Who's eating plant-based food


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