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The role of marketing today

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Marketing is one of the most important functions in business, but it is often misunderstood. In an uncertain economic climate, with continued volatility, many organisations are focused on rationalising and cost efficiency. 

A strong marketing strategy can not only help businesses weather economic turbulence but also emerge stronger, more competitive and well-positioned to capture growth opportunities. 

According to Nielsen data, brands that freeze marketing in a downturn can lose 2% of their long-term revenue each quarter and will take 3-5 years to recover losses.

Exploring the role of marketing in the business world today.

  • Misunderstanding marketing as mere advertising leads to it being viewed as discretionary spending, often cut during cost-cutting measures.

  • Marketing involves more than sales; it identifies markets, differentiates offerings, and adapts to market changes.

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January 2024

The role of marketing today

The role of marketing today


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