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The role of advertising agencies

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Mad Men was a huge hit, showcasing the glamour, drama and intrigue of the advertising world. Back in the 1950s corporations spent huge bucks on TV and print campaigns that easily reached millions of viewers. It was the era of the "three martini lunch", the dominance of creatives execs and all-male teams battling out their egos over multi-million dollar deals.

Whereas once the agency did everything for a client from brand to retail to media, many clients now have hybrid models that can include in-house, social, search, performance, retail channel, creative, content and/or media agency.

What type of agency do you need?

  • Six factors to consider when choosing an agency

  • How to get the best out of your agency, and why trust is everything

  • The collaborative future of agencies

Are you looking for a new advertising agency partner? We can help. Find out about our strategy, market research and creative services. Get in touch to find out more.

January 2024

The role of advertising agencies

The role of advertising agencies


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