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Essential Guide to Google Analytics 4

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Do I need a Google Analytics? Every business needs a website analytics tool. GA is a good choice for a number of reasons. Our quick reference guide explores the merits of GA4 and its functionality. 

Designed for marketers with either basic or existing analytics knowledge, this user guide dives into some of the key features of GA4 and covers a checklist for implementation.

  • What is Google Analytics? Why do I need it? A brief history of GA

  • What's new with GA4?

  • How do they do it? The technical side of how GA identifies a single user

  • Implementation checklist and suggested ownership and roles

Do you need help configuring your Google Analytics? We can help. Find out about our set-up services to get you started. Get in touch to find out more. 

May 2023

Level One : Beginner

Looking for a guide for experienced users? Download our Level Two guide here.
Essential Guide to Google Analytics 4
Level Two : Experienced


Checklist, How to, Digital Marketing, Market research, B2B

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