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Currency of Persuasion

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As humans, we subconsciously categorise our money, assigning a certain amount of funds into each category. A kind of budgetary conscience pulls us back from spending more, even if there are excess funds unspent in another. 

This mental budgeting and knowing how it affects human spending can open up great opportunities for marketers. 

In this eBook, we discuss 

  • How mental budgeting works, particularly “treat budgeting” 

  • Demographic differences in how Australians spend their treat budgets 

  • Key takeaways for marketers 

Do you want to better understand how your customers think, feel and spend? 

We can help. Find out about our market research and media strategy services. Get in touch to find out more.

September 2023

Mental Budgeting for Marketers

Currency of Persuasion


Advertising, Niche markets, How to, Market research, eBook

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