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Creativity in Advertising

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Creativity is the magic glitter of advertising. It’s what turns a marketing message into something captivating, inspiring emotion and provoking a response. In recent years "content" has emerged as a key buzzword in digital advertising, and its role compared to the role of creative or creativity is not always well understood.

Is creativity still relevant to brands today and if so, what role does it play?


In this article, we discuss 

  • The ability of creative to increase sales performance 

  • The value of strong creative and its impact on customer engagement 

  • How great creative can impact results 

Do you want help with creative that reaches your audience and gets results? 

Find out about Resolve, our creative and content agency that specialises in using customer insight to get design high-impact creative. Get in touch to find out more.

September 2023

The Role of Creativity in Advertising

Creativity in Advertising


Advertising, Niche markets, How to, Market research, Whitepaper, Brand

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