Glenda Wynyard - Managing Director

Glenda Wynyard is an experienced media professional who has developed her advertising and media skills over her 25-year career.

Glenda has extensive experience, working within media organisations, research companies, and media agencies both locally and internationally. It is this experience that has seen Glenda develop an intuitive approach that is creative but always has a grounding that is based on the insights she has derived from qual and quant research. 

Whilst Glenda's leadership and strategic media craft skills are exceptional, her ability to deliver a quality service to her clients with a skilled and experienced team is an asset to any organisation she works alongside.

Glenda has a broad range of experience having worked across some of the world’s largest brands. Some of the strategies that Glenda has been involved with have been highly recognised internationally and include:


  • MasterCard All Blacks Credit Card

  • L’Oreal Fashion Week

  • Coca-Cola Music Connection

  • X-Box launch

  • Durex Sperm Man

  • The Bill “Your Nicked”

  • Millers “Seeing You”

Glenda is a highly sought after strategist that works extensively with clients wishing to disrupt the status, and it is for this reason that she has highly sought after expertise in the retail, not-for-profit/charity, political, health, business to business and youth marketing sectors.

Glenda Wynyard just goes that extra mile.



  • DMA for Family Planning Association

  • Universal McCann Asia Pacific Regional Media Gold for Media Creativity and Effectiveness

  • AME Bronze winner for Prime Television, The Bill campaign

  • Harrison K. McCann Award winner “Excellence in New Business & Media”

  • CAANZ Gold winner for Xbox launch

  • CAANZ Silver winner for Durex Research

  • Fairfax AdMedia Advertising Industry voted “Wild Card”

  • CAANZ Gold winner for L’Oreal Fashion Week, Sponsorship activity

  • CAANZ Gold winner for Coca Cola – Best in Show, Research, Integrated media

  • Universal McCann Marketing Awards for Coca Cola – Asia Pacific Gold, Silver WorldWide

  • Cannes Media Lion, Target Youth

  • Finalist Asia Pacific Festival of Media and Global Festival of Media

You can contact Glenda via email, or read her media opinion pieces.

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